Choosing a Pest Control Company

Dr. Harold Harlan © Armed Forces Pest Management Board (with permission)

Your bed bug inspection revealed that you have a bed bug problem. What is next? The following information will help you select a pest control professional and know what to expect during treatment.

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Understand the need for a comprehensive treatment strategy for treating bed bugs. Understanding the various types of treatment will help you make an educated decision when selecting a pest control company.
Choose a pest control professional who:
  • Is knowledgable about the various treatment options
  • Offers non-chemical, as well as chemical treatments
  • Communicates effectively with you about the treatment plan, what to expect and what your responsibilities are

  • Has considerable experience treating bed bugs
  • Takes the time to educate you about recognizing, preventing and minimizing bed bug infestations
  • Has a detailed plan for eliminating the infestation
  • Is licensed by the NJDEP and is insured
  • Is affiliated with the  NJ Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association and adheres to their Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs
Realize that there is no quick fix. Bed bugs are very difficult to treat. They will not be gone after one treatment. Most structures need at least two follow-up treatments.

Comply with your pest control professional’s instructions. Realize that residents are required to do extensive work before and after treatment as part of the bed bug control plan. Your cooperation is vital to the success of the program. You may be asked to:
  • reduce clutter
  • vacuum thoroughly and regularly
  • wash, dry and store clothing, bedding and other items
  • move furniture
  • seal cracks and crevices
  • install mattress and boxspring encasements
  • repair loose wallpaper and paint
  • more
Plan on being out of the house/business during treatment and for some hours afterward. The occupants will need to arrange to be out of the building for a minimum of 4-6 hours. The elderly, sick, and the very young should stay out for 24 hours.
After the infestation is eliminated, take preventative measures to ensure bed bugs are not reintroduced to your home or business. Learn prevention strategies to avoid reintroducing bed bugs. Review the Signs of Infestation and regularly inspect your home for bed bugs.